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Theatre is about ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances.
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Theater is magnificent. The opportunity to go out onstage and become a different character, with a completely different story than yours, that you sometimes get to create and sometimes don't. It's exhilarating to be onstage with other people who share your love for the arts, and to create a piece of theater with them. And then you get to spend time with them offstage, which is just as much fun as being onstage. You go through first rehearsals, annoying tech, and opening night, and enjoy it all.

thank you for this beautiful representation of theatre!! <3

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So today I got a really awesome message from! She told me her story of why she loves theatre :)

"We were doing an “updated” version of Jesus Christ Superstar (modern clothes, guns) two years ago at my college. Judas commits suicide with a gun. One of the crew would shoot a starter pistol offstage to make the bang. Our director owned the gun and always took it home with him at the end of a night. Second Friday, he wasn’t able to be there because of he had to travel out of state for work and he didn’t leave me (stage manager) the gun. I am frantically trying to get in touch with him at 5:30 (curtain at 8) while not letting any of the actors know what’s going on. I talked to the sound guy just in case we needed an effect, got all my actors mic checked, I was doing ok. At 7:32 I get a call back from the director “Someone’s bringing a gun for you.”
Two minutes later, the director of another theatre in town (which also had a show that night) came running in. He basically hands me the gun and runs back to his car. This gentleman didn’t know me, and I didn’t know him, yet he was more than willing to hand over his expensive personal property to me, because of a show.
I e-mailed him later than night to thank him (about 4,000 times!) and all he said was, “It was for a show. Of course.”
THAT is why I love theatre.— lbachle

I thought that was a perfect example of why us theatre people love theatre so much! Because we understand each other, we get it. We know when a shows in danger and we help. I honestly don’t know what I’d do with out theatre.

So thank you! Thank you so much for sending me your story! And if any of y’all have storys or reasons or anything about WHY YOU LOVE THEATRE don’t be afraid to tell me! I would love to hear from all of y’all and all y’alls experiences! :) thank you!!!

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If its not the pre show jitters, the many laughs and inside jokes, the feeling of being safe, the smell of hairspray, Ben Nye sticking to your face, loud music during a late work night, or the feeling of being on stage, it’s the people. The people make you love it so much. They are your family, you love them. All family’s have their little problems, but in the end they are still a family. I love my family so much. One little reason I love theatre.